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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Dirty Dancing.

So ive got my Dirty Dancing soundtrack and a Christmas CD.
Sat listening to them now :) <3
i didnt have alot to eat yesterday, and i feel bad because im trying to gain.
well ... i think i feel bad?
So ive just ate Chicken and rice - 492kcls.
abit anxious, but its ok. im taking my mind off it,
Im off colege today because of the snow, its shut!
if i was stil in school, id be buzzing right now. but I WANT TO BE AT COLLEGE!! Gahh!

Im going to go make a Brocolli Quiche for my mam. she keeps nagging me to do one.
Then im going to dance all afternoon.
my dancing show is in 11 days! some of the songs included are Fame, and a few songs from Avenue Q.
im really excited about it!!

Also ive been listening to Angelis, there a children singing chior. and they sound so beautiful and relaxing.
i think i might have to try and sing one of their songs off their album :)

I tooksome pictures today. and i think for the first time i can actually see i look abit too thin.. erm? i dont know, that actually scares me writing that! i dont know why. Well my arm does, i dont really know about anything else.

Quote of the day - An apple a day keeps the doctor away! :)

Hope youre all ok!
Lotts of Love


  1. I hate pictures sometimes lol. People look different in real life to me. Or maybe I'm just a tad loopy this morning. Anyways, I think you look gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. yeah lol. i always think i look huge in pictures. but that oe i dont really know, my perception of it wil proberbly be different tomorrow neither the less.
    and thankyou lovley!
    youre not loopy haha! :')
    you made me laugh though <3 xx

  3. you DO have some tiny little toothick arms in here. just now i can see some of my old pics from when I was down my lowest and I think my arms look a little bit thin. and i know what you mean about being scared!!!!!! I could never admit it to myself at the time because A I didnt belive it and B if it really was true, i was afraid i would jinx myself and i would gain weight in a snap.

    but obvs that is not true.

    have fun baking! i love making food for people!

  4. love your shirt! wow. i could never admit that i was thin to myself, even though everyone tells me so. your arms are really thin, and for some twisted logic in my mind, i admire that. LOL.

  5. i know i think i was scared that if i admitted i thought i was getting thin that id gain all of the weight!
    and thankyou! (my shirt) its from republic £5 in the sale! ;) xx