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Saturday, 4 December 2010

My bedroom is flooded.

Yup. It sure is! :(
were getting a new power shower installed (yay).
But my dad is a noob and tryed to install it himself.
he turned the water on and a pipe burst in my attick. Water is dripping through my bedroom celing turning my pink wallpaper brown and flooding my floor.
it also happens to be dripping on the wall where all the electricals are and my TV. So there currently smoking.
(please dont set on fire and burn me in my sleep yeah?)
Water is also dripping down onto the ground floor into the dining room! What a lovley suprise.

On a better note, my boss called and said i dont need to work tonite because of the snow.
and my dad's just ordered me Thumbelina :D!! <3
i love that film haha. when i was a little child i watched it so many times the video wouldnt work anymore. and i wouldnt let my dad put it in the bin haha.

Hope youre all ok lovlies!
Take care :)

1 comment:

  1. oh dear. i wish men would suck it up and just call for a REAl repair man.

    ahh I dont think Ive ever seen thumbelina! will get to it. have you seen the last unicorn? looove that movie.

    yay for a free off-work day!