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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

hello lovlies.

Well i havent posted in ages! i am crap at keeping blogs! or diaries, or anything that i have to do daily. (apart from dancing and anything when it comes to my ed!)

i hope youve all had an amazing christmas! What did you all get? :)
ill put some pics on of xmas day :)
My little sister (in pink) and me (in blue).
Just woke up 5.30am :)

Me with some of my presents.
My sister in the background.
i got a new camera! :)
and Ghost whisperer box set, and some lovley new dance clothes.
and others.

So thats christmas day...
it was great! and i ate most of my christmas dinner as well as a prawn cocktail!
first year in 4 years that ive ate it. thats a  good sign right?

Boxing day i got very drunk!
Heres some pics from that...

And i also went on a photoshot for a dancing company :) which was amazing!
they havent sent me most of the pictures, because of copyright and the fact i was wearing their costumes.
But they sent me some of the shot :)


  1. All the photos are lovely :)
    I'm glad Christmas (and dinner) went well x

  2. YAY for pretty pictures!! You look lovely as always. Your sister looks a lot like you. :)

  3. you look amazing. and you and your sis are both adorable. GREAT job on thte dinner--fab sign!

  4. There's nothing like a Christmas dinner to end a lovely day of sharing gifts and watching cheesy Christmas movies, etc :)
    Love the big print you got of the dancer! x

  5. New camera? That's wonderful :D. And do I see something that's zebra print, aswell? Girl I am jealous ;].
    It is a very good sign that you ate a decent amount of your Christmas dinner. Be proud! :)
    Take care chicky xx

  6. Im glad you had a good xmas :) your pics and you are GORGEOUS xxx

  7. Hello =) I'm glad your Christmas went so well. The pictures with you and your sister with the presents are lovely, and so are the ones from the photoshoot. You're very pretty =)
    I hope you're okay and that you have a brilliant New Year! =) xx

  8. thankyou everyone! Happy new year! <3

  9. Your so gorgeous :)
    Hope you had a wonderful christmas and New Year x