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Thursday, 2 December 2010

2010 wonderfuls.

So, 2010 is almost over! :(
but theres still time to do something youve wanted to do!
weve got 29 days left!
So what do you want to achieve this year? weight related or not.
My goal before 2011 hits is - 1.) To take my little sister to the cinema. we never spend time together, even though she always asks me to. 
2.) To perfect my tripple Pirouette on Pointe and split leaps.

Whats made you smile in 2010? 

The best memory from this yeah has to be my prom! it was such an amazing night! <3id relive it every single day if i could. (im the one in the middle blue dress).

 The thing thats made me smile the most was the Cabaret Performance, in October this year. I was most certainly in my eliment.
<During rehersals of Dont Stop Believing.
Im 4th from the right (blue cropped top and black trousers)


I think ill always love this photo. This was the Finale lift of Prince Charming - Adam and the Ants.
We all walked off the stage, then Me and the boy ran back on did this and kissed then ran back off.

And its also that time of year to set yourself goals for the new year!
My 3 goals are. - 1.) To get better. (this was also this years goal)
2.) To get atleast high merits mostly Distinctions in my Musical Theatre course.
3.) To save up money! because i cant, have to have ateast £250 by the end of the year!


  1. Goals for me!

    stop being so addicted to sugar!!!!

    be more responsible with money

    finish out my first semester classes with As

    Obvs, be happy for once with my body.

    Lovely pictures as always!!!

    love ya!

  2. Hey love, I've been reading your blog and really like it but I've been too scared to comment before! So here I am taking a dive and saying HELLO.

    I love your posts :)

    And I love this positivity!!! X

  3. i hope you get your goals Erin! good luck lovley!
    And Lissy youre a realy nice person. please say hello more often! :) xxx

  4. Wow, your prom dress is gorgeous!!! I love that shade of blue. The picture of the lift looks so incredible, you look so natural, and the boy shows that it is effortless to lift you, like a feather.