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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sorry for not posting!

ive been really busy with dancing rehersals and panto rehersals!
but ive got soe time now, so i thought id write a bit :)

i went to the busstop thismorning, as you do to get your college bus! and the frigging driver had told us LASTNIGHT when i wasnt on the bus to go to a differeent busstop, all the other way accross town because one of the roads is closed. so i didnt know and missed my bus.
and weve got Tech rehersals!! so im in trouble.
In at hospital at 11am - 12 am for a dietric assessment, i think she wants to do me a diet plan. arr. she can bugger off!
then im going into college for rehersals, then im at dancing tonite. yay :)

im currently sat singing, im recording Old pecking - barbra streisand in the recording studio today.  and its hard haha! the lyrics are just mental.

hope youre all having a wonderful day!
Lots of love


  1. Good luck at the recording studio! xx

  2. ahh horrible bus driver!

    have fun recording--I love to sing but I sound like a dying cat. SO I just sing in my car very loudly :)

    love ya!

  3. awh haha! it was good thanks, and erin im sure you dont sound like that haha! :')