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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Insight into Inpatient.

For those of you who havent yet been in ipatient. i went to look round the inpatient ward on friday and it reminded me of when i was in previously. so i thought id tell you what its like. and remind myself, so i can try harder to not get put in.

When i was in a hospital (Not ED inpatient) i was on bedrest 24/7 if i needed the toilet a nurse took me in a wheelchair and watched me while i was on the toilet. i couldnt shower or bathe alone. incase i did something or made myself sick. I wasnt aloud off the ward. I had a NG tube (feeding tube going through my nose into my stomach) it hurts when they shove it down! and the feeding bags they put in have 3000+ kcls in per bag. But i kept riping that out.  Bloods done every morning, and a prick on your finger every 4 hours to see your blood sugar levels. You have to eat everything on your plate and a nurse sits with you and watches you. 4 glasses of fullfat milk a day. or anytime your blood sugar is low.

the ward that i was in had zones.
Red Zone - No privilages, in a wheel chair all of the time. Eating in a small room with a member of staff.
Amber Zone - Have privilages (like mobiles and visits) but only if you eat. Not in a wheel chair. Eating in the comunal dining room with other patients.
Green Zone - Have visits home and trips out.
Gold Zone - Allowed to go home and at a 'safe weight'

Im currently in the red zone, but managing to stay out of hospital for now.
Eating plans are horrible. you have to eat EVERYTHING on your plate. wether you like it or not.
theres Breakfast (then rest for 30mins). Snack - usually chocolate. Lunch(rest for 1hr). Snack - muffin or chocolate bar. Dinner(rest for 1hr). Supper.
They have alot of takeaway meals like curries and pizza. You have to eat a chocolate bar a day. And gain a certain amount of weight each week. If you dont gain then privilages are taken away from you. Youre only allowed your phone certain times of the day.
If you get sectioned, its the worst thing in the world. Under constant supervision. If you cry or go mad when they try to feed you your dinner they will hold you down and give you an injection to calm down.
You can only shower for certain amounts of times depending on which zone youre in, but in ed wards normally nobody watches you shower or go to the toilet.

That's just a preview.
I hope none of you ever end up in inpatient from this.


  1. horrid. at my inpatient, we had to use the toilet with the bathroom door open and they had a key to flush the toilet so no hiding anything. we also were not allowed to shower if we did not make a certain weight, because this would burn too many cals.

    UGH the wheelchair thing sounds awful--I am glad we did not have that. stay strong, and this is such a good idea I will put it up on my blog!

  2. Inpatient sounds super scary and strict :[. Seems rather harsh that they make you eat foods you don't like :/ but I guess they have to in case you're just saying that you don't like it.
    Do they judge the 'zones' by what your BMI is?

    Take care, I hope you do okay if you end up in inpatient again or not.

  3. In my IP they never made us have chocolate, take aways or curries. I'm so glad, it was hard enough as it was! x

  4. Also how come you aren't in hospital if you're in the red zone? How have you wangled that one?! xxx

  5. kay , please don't go there again , i know it's not your fault. try and stay safe xxx

  6. Wow. That sounds really scary. Please stay safe.

  7. you dont have to be in hospital if youre in the red zone. thats just what happens if youre in hospital while youre in red.
    but when your weight drops into red they have a meeting to talk about inpatient.
    but theyve let me stay out, i think there being nice because its christmas.

  8. sounds intense and horrible. I leave IP tomorrow. I skipped bedrest and ng tube feeding since i was somewhat stable when i came in but i had to eat in my room the first few days and we have to have bathroom support. Im glad im out tomorrow. I need to lose at least 5 lbs. Im up to 110.01 lbs and im only almost 5'3

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  10. Just wondering, at your Ed ward, what are the zone boundaries? at mine if your BMI is under 14 the you are red zone, under 16 amber zone and under 18 green zone. (with exceptions of course for bulimia and stuff)
    Maybe they are the same everywhere but I was just wondering :)

  11. ELJ-XO
    i think its like that here. but it goes in body fat percentages.
    if youre under 75% the weight you should be its red.
    75 - 85% its amber.
    85 - 95% green.
    Then 95% + its gold.