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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Counting every single grape.

Hello lovlies,
ive just got in from college, i had singing lessons all day for the pantomime. And i learnt a new dance for my dancing show on 12th december.
its been good, i supose.

I've had 2 cups of tea and 14 grapes. 125kcls.
Ive also got 2 clementines (small oranges) with 80kcls each.
but im still deciding wether to eat them or not.

I think im going to go raid my kitchen cubords and fridge and write down all of the Nutritional Information. Im in one of those strange ana moods.
Then mabye do a diet plan, or idea's of foods that i could eat in a certain day. if i do decide to do one, ill post it on here.

Also a friend sent me this youtube link, the song is quite offensive to ED's but i really like it.
I dont know why, its got a catchy tune.
i used youtube converter and listen to it on my ipod.

Quote of the day - If you wish to grow thinner, Chuck out your dinner!
Hope you're all ok!
Stay safe my lovleys


1 comment:

  1. haha i think i can recite the nutrish value for like, all fast food places that someone may take me too. ive actually gotten better at my adding and subracting with all this calorie counting!!!!!

    hope your day has gone well!!!