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Friday, 31 December 2010

dance like its the end of the world.

Im watching riverdancing right now, and i can honestly say it is one of the most beautiful things on this earth! <3
i wish my parents put me in that when i was younger aswell as ballet.
I dont even know if there is anywhere that does riverdancing around my area?
i think i may have to teach myself.

pure amazing.

On the other hand!
Happy New Year!
theres 8 hours left of 2010 if youre in England.
im normally quite scared of the new year! i dont know why, ive always had a phobia of it.
but this year im trying to make it into a posotive.
one of my 2009/10 newyears resolution was to recover from anorexia and get better once and for all, it was going good, mid way through the year, but august time i relapsed again. and am currently at my lowest weight since i was 13. so that didnt work out as planned.
I havent really thought of resolutions for the new year.
But if i go into inpatient on 4th jan when i have my review then its going to be to gain weight and when i get past 40kg's to never go lower than that when i come out.
if i dont go in, then i suspect things will stay the same. and this year i want to make resolutions that im going to be able to do. i want to succeed this year.
A friend Lyssa wrote this for me... i love her. She's amazing.

i hope you all have a great new year! and dont get too drunk! :)
Love from Kay.Dancer <3


  1. Happy New Year for 7 hours 45 minutes time! x

  2. My Nanny used to watch river dance with me and Ive always loved it :) That message is pure beautiful honey. I wish my friends would write stuff like that for me; your so lucky. All the best in the New year darling. I wish you all the best of luck! Always here for you if you ever need anyone xx In SeekingPerfection on PT and my blog is on here as well :)

  3. I love riverdancing as well. I saw a live show once. It was really beautiful. =)
    Speaking of beautiful, the thing that your friend made you is beautiful. I wish I had friends to make me stuff like that. Only problems is, my friends are elsewhere and don't know about my problems. Oh well. You have lovely friends who obviously care about you. Always remember that.
    I hope you have an amazing new year. Make of it what you want.

  4. lovely friend you have. and happy new year, and GREAT resolutions!


  5. I loove you with allll my heart.!

  6. U seem very positve thats great, I am from Ireland, the country where river dance originated, I dod Irish dancing for years, I would love to do it again, U are on pt arent you, have you come across this yet;
    Its very positive;

  7. aw its amazing! <3
    and Lyssa i love you too! :) <3
    Scared blogger! aw youre so lucky! you should start again, and yeah im from pt :)
    ill take a look now! xxxx