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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Counting every single grape.

Hello lovlies,
ive just got in from college, i had singing lessons all day for the pantomime. And i learnt a new dance for my dancing show on 12th december.
its been good, i supose.

I've had 2 cups of tea and 14 grapes. 125kcls.
Ive also got 2 clementines (small oranges) with 80kcls each.
but im still deciding wether to eat them or not.

I think im going to go raid my kitchen cubords and fridge and write down all of the Nutritional Information. Im in one of those strange ana moods.
Then mabye do a diet plan, or idea's of foods that i could eat in a certain day. if i do decide to do one, ill post it on here.

Also a friend sent me this youtube link, the song is quite offensive to ED's but i really like it.
I dont know why, its got a catchy tune.
i used youtube converter and listen to it on my ipod.

Quote of the day - If you wish to grow thinner, Chuck out your dinner!
Hope you're all ok!
Stay safe my lovleys


Monday, 29 November 2010

its a wonderful life.

my title is totally sarcasm, just so you know... -.-

but hey, at least the snows good!
my parents are off work for 2 weeks, so there watching me eat EVERY single meal like hawks!
ive been out in the snow burning kcls today though :)
< heres a picture of the snow from today. + me haha.
but i love the snow, so i cant complain.
im at hospital on thursday blahhh. to go see my councellor and talk about 'feelings' and she will go mad because i havent had my bloods done this week, and im not planning on getting them done neither, i did get my pulse done though, it was 48 bts per min.
is that good? i dont really have any idea on pulse. my councellor just looked at me like id done something wrong, which made me scream inside. but pleased the ana side of me.
Well im hoping i can actually get to college tomorrow! this performance isnt going to come together without rehersals! also most of the Matanee shows are sold out (afternoon shows). were doing 2 shows a day from 9th dec - 16th dec.
im really excited! :D

Hope youre all ok!
Also if theres anything you want to ask me... ASK AWAY! :D i dont bite xxxxxxx

No college Yay!

well i got up at 6.30am. got dressed and ready for Panto rehersals at college! For my dad to come up stairs and say the roads were shut! -.-
And my college bus isnt running. So hello 8.20am when i could be snug as a bug in my bed!

It snowed another 6 inches last night, and covered my snowmans feet! grr.

Oh and ive just downloaded Bloggerdriod on My Andriod so i can publish posts from my phone yay! hope youre all ok! and it was -12 to -18 last night! arr i hate cold weather !!
its currently blizzarding outside, which i love. But ive got panto rehersals and 8 shows starting the 9th december. God help me! i need some good luck to be able to get to college!
Hope youre all ok and well!
Love Kay.Dancer<3

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Fairy Tale of Newyork.

Hello lovlies!
today has been rather good i must say! :)
for Lunch ive had a cupp-o-soup (veg one).
and for tea ive had 2 cornbeef pasties and 6 jaffa cakes. 
I went to work, and got sent back home because the snow is too bad! which i love <3
Its been -4.c COLD!
im so glad i dont live in Canada i think id die!
So i made a snowman and a Iglu with my dad, hoping to finish it off tomorrow! :D
ill post some pictures of it then.
and ive also had a lovley conversation with my pt lovlies <3
Heres some pictures of the snow this year.

i love the snow! :)

Im not attempting recovery, but i am trying to gain 3lbs by next thursday time to stay out of hospital.
Wish me luck
hope youre all ok xxx

Naz and Shan!

27th November 2010.

3 way conversations with these two amazing girls are the best things ever! <3

Well Shannice & Nazia we have a plan! Kill the peado's with our colourful paint we snuck into our jail cell because we tryed to ruin prince harrys wedding because we wanted to celebrate how they do in India, because we could get a flight to india from the left over money from buying our mansion from the Lama's we solt we could buy a Zebra and go to the zoo! :D ♥

 Hey Zebra! nomnom.

 bags on this Lama haha! :')

First Post.

Well seen as though this is my first post i think i should explain a little bit!
Im a member of Prettythin and Got2puege[appendix] and Shannice are amazing! there basically the reason im making a blog haha! <3
well im 16 and diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa type 1, i got diagnosed when i was 11.
i collapsed when i was 13 and ended up in hospital, i was 61lbs. BMI was 11.24
i gained abit of weight and stayed stable for a long time. then when i was 14 i dropped to 66lbs BMI was 12.49
im gained my weight back to.. :/
my highest weight is 97lbs
and my current weight is 78lbs
my lowest weight ws 61lbs
im tryin to gain to 81lbs to stay out of hospital.

So thats me! :)