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Thursday, 9 December 2010


Right now im really tired!
I weighed myself this morning im now 77lbs (lost 4lbs) BMI 14.
I always thought the 70's as being small but now they just seem huge to me.
i think in the 60's i will be ok.

I had Panto rehersals today. I cryed, Alot.
dont know why, ive been in a really horrible mood latley and just dont want to talk to anyone.
In panto theres 2 teams (team holly and team ivy. ) Im in team Holly and we had our dress rehersals today. Team ivy  were watching the performance.
i hated every moment i was on stage.
My teacher said i didnt have to go on for today if i could get someone to cover my part. But noone else knows my lines apart from a girl in team ivy who wasnt here. So i went on stage with my lovley puffy eyes and red face.

Ive got singing lessons tomorrow morning, then im at hospital and going back to college for panto rehersals then going to dancing as ive got rehersals for that aswell. (dancing shows on sunday, panto shows start monday).

i just want to go to bed and stay there. i dont want to go anywhere. im just too depressed


  1. Aww that sounds awful hun!~
    And 70's ARE tiny, tiny tiny!
    60 is dangerous!
    You are so beautiful from what i've seen of your pictures.
    I know it's so easy for me to say it and so difficult for you to see it.
    But i hope you do!

  2. hugs and luvs! so sorry you feel that way!

    Like Panda said, you are gorgeous, and thte 70's are super teensy!!!!!
    I hope that you feel better, and keep having fun dancing like you always do!

  3. thankyou, youre all so nice! <3
    stay safe lovlies xxx