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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Motivation to get better.

At councelling i did a sheet of where my life would be in 5 years time depending on which path i choose to follow.

Heres mine i did..

Also, rest in peace david. died 1st december 2010. 13 years old. From Cancer. Never be forgotten.


  1. oh wow. how old will you be in five years time.... 21?
    i'm 23 and i've wasted too much already on this illness. your whole life ahead of you and it could be amazing. it's so hard, isn't it? when part of your heart wants you to follow your dream but your eating disorder still has such a tight hold.
    take care lovely. stay positive x

    ps grapes won't keep you out of hospital ;)

  2. Wow, kudos for being able to see all the horrible things that will happen if you keep along this path. I know it's very difficult to be able to admit for most of us. I know you can do it and you will be happy one day. take care of yourself xx

  3. yeah ill be 21. and i know, most of my teenage years have been ruined. i dont want it to ruin my adulthood aswell.
    you take care too! you really do deserve happiness and to get better xx

    and i wish you luck for the future xx

  4. I made a pros and cons list the other day, I might show it to my doctor now. so thanks. and you can do it, you just have to be aware of the actions now having serious consequences for the future x

  5. I love lists so much! I make lists for everything!!!

    *goes to make list now*

    hope your day is lovely!

  6. Eloise18, you should show your doctor!! and thankyou lovley!

    and Erin! :O OMG ive got a book just for lists haha! im like addicted, i think it started when i was little and me and my cousin used to write out all of the clothes we were going to take on holiday (we went on holiday alot!!)
    i hope your day id lovley too! xxx