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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

sory i havent updated, but i am now! :)
when i wet to A&E they made me stay in over night. because they wouldnt get my blood results until morning, but i ate everything they gave me and my bloods were ok so they let me out the day after :)
i had to eat coco pops wth full fat milk on the night.
they woke me up twice to drink 2 full glasses of full fat milk because my blood sugar was low, then i had toast with butter and a apple. then 1/2 a jacket potato with tuna and full fat milk :(.
i could have cried inside, but i fooled them! hospitals are so easy to fool they have no idea about ed's! if i was in inpatient it would be a different matter though!

i had to go to hospital again monday and ment to go today but the snows bad so ive cancelled. and my councellor said on the phone
"can you not get down at all? i dont know what to do with you now, im going to have a meeting about your weight loss and see what happens from there"
im starting to think if i did go today she would have put me in inpatient. So thankgod of the snow! (i loveyou snow :))
i went to the doctors this morning for bloods and to get weighed.
ive been eating alot more trying to gain abit of weight, i wore my heaviest jeans and retained water and ive still lost a lb!
i dont understand, ive ate LOADS this week, ive been under constant supervision by my parents. how could i lose a lb?
So theres another reason im glad im not going to the ed hospital today.

And well its only 3 more days until the Jolly old fat man comes down our climneys! ;)

Love you all!


  1. I'm sorry you're having to eat so much and still losing, you don't want to be inpatient over Christmas!!!
    When I was at your weight I had to eat 3500 calories a day just to gain 1-2lbs per week, then I was on 3000 until my target weight :/

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO! Take care and good luck with keeping out of ED hospital :) x

  2. i love you kaylieeeeeeee:D please be careful!

  3. ooh good luck!!! <3
    hospital just makes my ED worse - i dont know what its like for you ... but take care.

  4. wonderful luck, with that snow. be careful dear, and have a very merry christmas!!