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Sunday, 28 November 2010

First Post.

Well seen as though this is my first post i think i should explain a little bit!
Im a member of Prettythin and Got2puege[appendix] and Shannice are amazing! there basically the reason im making a blog haha! <3
well im 16 and diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa type 1, i got diagnosed when i was 11.
i collapsed when i was 13 and ended up in hospital, i was 61lbs. BMI was 11.24
i gained abit of weight and stayed stable for a long time. then when i was 14 i dropped to 66lbs BMI was 12.49
im gained my weight back to.. :/
my highest weight is 97lbs
and my current weight is 78lbs
my lowest weight ws 61lbs
im tryin to gain to 81lbs to stay out of hospital.

So thats me! :)

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