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Monday, 29 November 2010

No college Yay!

well i got up at 6.30am. got dressed and ready for Panto rehersals at college! For my dad to come up stairs and say the roads were shut! -.-
And my college bus isnt running. So hello 8.20am when i could be snug as a bug in my bed!

It snowed another 6 inches last night, and covered my snowmans feet! grr.

Oh and ive just downloaded Bloggerdriod on My Andriod so i can publish posts from my phone yay! hope youre all ok! and it was -12 to -18 last night! arr i hate cold weather !!
its currently blizzarding outside, which i love. But ive got panto rehersals and 8 shows starting the 9th december. God help me! i need some good luck to be able to get to college!
Hope youre all ok and well!
Love Kay.Dancer<3


  1. weeeee another pretty person from PT

  2. Eurgh, I'm envious! I want a snow day :[. Haha, hope you had a good day :].

  3. aw thankyou erin! youre really sweet :D
    and ahaa! youll get a snow day! december on wednesday! xx