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Monday, 29 November 2010

its a wonderful life.

my title is totally sarcasm, just so you know... -.-

but hey, at least the snows good!
my parents are off work for 2 weeks, so there watching me eat EVERY single meal like hawks!
ive been out in the snow burning kcls today though :)
< heres a picture of the snow from today. + me haha.
but i love the snow, so i cant complain.
im at hospital on thursday blahhh. to go see my councellor and talk about 'feelings' and she will go mad because i havent had my bloods done this week, and im not planning on getting them done neither, i did get my pulse done though, it was 48 bts per min.
is that good? i dont really have any idea on pulse. my councellor just looked at me like id done something wrong, which made me scream inside. but pleased the ana side of me.
Well im hoping i can actually get to college tomorrow! this performance isnt going to come together without rehersals! also most of the Matanee shows are sold out (afternoon shows). were doing 2 shows a day from 9th dec - 16th dec.
im really excited! :D

Hope youre all ok!
Also if theres anything you want to ask me... ASK AWAY! :D i dont bite xxxxxxx


  1. Hi, new follower :)
    I'm jealous you've got so much snow, we've got barely anything, it is just freezing!
    Good luck with rehearsals.
    48bts/min is pretty low, normally its 70-80bts/min x

  2. wooooaaaahhh. thats a ton of snow!!! here we dont usually get even two inches--except last year we had a major snowstorm and everything got shut down.

    I wish I could come to see you dance---I love ballet, and we barely have any dances here. do you dance the nutcracker?

  3. Again, yay for snow! I like snow but we don't want it quite yet. Downsidde to snow, the cold!!

    Oh and a pulse of 48 is very very very low. That's pretty dangerous. Be safe Kaylie.

  4. Eloise18. aw i love the snow :) and thankyou! ou i didnt realise my pulse was that low! :o.
    thankyou for letting me know xx

    Erin Rose. Ahaa! everything shut down here! i like it but i just want to be able to get to college haha! and my college has videos of me dancing during a show when i did a ballet solo and contempory duet. ill try to get them. but there a nightmare for getting things like that!!

    and Unbeautiful, heyy! havent spoke in a while i miss you! <3 and i know! it was -12.c the other night!! D: aarrrgh. and owh :o. i never realised it was so low?!

    Thnankyou for replying.
    Take care you lot love youuse xxx

  5. hello beautiful!
    good luck on thursday, trust me, im in exactly the same shoes as you, but with stricter doctors, and more people watching. You can do it!

    ps: i followed you <3