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Thursday, 20 January 2011


Hope youre all ok lovlies!
i had my pre admission today for inpatient. im going in next friday.
Im really going to try to recover, and the ward has a dog called cass.
and theyve said im allowed to take my dog max on for abit to settle me in, which im so happy about!
I need to pack my things, my bedroom is going to be so empty!
ill take a before and after shot, of how it looks and post it on here.

Im allowed my mobile on the ward, so im hoping ill be able to post on here from on there!
take care lovlies!

kay.dancer<3 xxxxxxxxx


  1. Good luck love with recovering, I know you can do it!xxxxx

  2. You can do it, stay strong love! :)
    It's great that you're allowed to bring your dog for a bit and use your phone.
    Best of luck xox

  3. Good luck Kay! You can do this.
    I think you are amazingly strong and I have faith in you. You are going to go so far once you recover. =)
    Stay strong.

  4. you're so strong kay, i hope you get better for real :) x

  5. YAY! It is so good that you're allowed your dog and that there is a dog, I think that makes it feel so much nicer and a bit easier to work on recovering. My first hospital had a dog in the school but not on the ward :(
    Good luck, keep us updated and I hope you really get to work on things not just pretend to.

  6. Thats great for you Kay, Ur doing so well, Im so glad ur allowed to bring ur dog,#xx

  7. you got this Kay! We are all routing for you!

  8. Kay! Let us know how it goes. We're all hoping this works for you.. Good luck lovely :D xx