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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


i overdosed on sunday night and my mam found me. she phoned 999 and landed me in the hospital.
I hate her for it to be honest. my auntie keeps saying 'youll see one day how grateful you are for her rining them'
but i dont care. i dont deserve to live.
id take another one, but my parents have hidden everythingggg.
Any way i got let out of the hospital earlier on today.
They had me on a heart monitor all night the first night, and then on a drip for a while. But because i was in the adults ward and not in for my ed they didnt make me eat. yay.
Also a friend i met on facebook who has anorexia came to see me as she was in the hospital next door, she was allowed out for a bit but was ment to stay on the grounds hehe. awh well.
my mam had to go to work earlier, and my gran even came round to sit with me so i didnt do anything. bleaugh.
My councellor is coming to see me tomorrow morning at 10am. then im getting pre admitted to the newberry hospical (ed clinic) on thursday.
I just dont want to think about it at the moment.


  1. Oh hun you deserve to live an so much more. Please take care xoxox

  2. You deserve to live so much, even though you feel the other way.
    Keep holding on chicky, I hope you'll be alright.

  3. Sad to hear about your overdose but glad you are okay, well sort of. I'm just glas you're not dead. I really hope you start to feel better. You're in my thoughts.
    Stay strong. xx