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Friday, 7 January 2011

byebye kaylie.

so i was at the hospital today, theyve put me on a inpatient programme, i have to go next week to meet the staff and look around. ive been there twice before but its a new building and new staff :(
and i got no phone signal there at all. Phones are banned anyway, but i plan on sneaking mine in.
ill update again before i go in. and will as soon as i can! or when i get allowed home for a day or night :)
(mabye even sneakily go on the computer at hospital).  (yn)

i love shannice so much. shes a darling! <3 and always cheeres me up.
and Taylor! for making that thread on pt! i wasnt expecting that, im glad i read it after this bad news, it  cheered me up  :) so thankyou for that <3

So! i hope youre all ok, i love you all dearly!
Stay safe! Keep eating (try) and enjoy your lifes!



  1. Good Luck, feel empowered that you made this decision yourself, we all care about you and I look forward to hearing from you when you are ready <3 x

  2. Hi wonderful--I'll be thinking of you. Try to eat too! I'll try and do better myself for you

  3. I hope you will be feeling safe there and get the most u can out of it,
    look 4ward to hearin from u,
    Take care,

  4. Good luck gorgeous, stay safe and get well!xxxx

  5. Good luck Kaylie. You can do it. =)

  6. Good luck, I'll really miss your blogs on here and on PT :( I hope you don't find it too hard xxxxx

  7. wishing you all the best! try to update though; i'll follow you to the end of the earth if i need to; you inspire me so much. xx

  8. Good luck chicky!
    You can do it :].

  9. Good luck kay you deserve to recover from this illness.
    You can do this, you're such a lovely gal

  10. I am going to miss you.
    Good luck lovely.